Melna veste “Ranger” ar kabatām


tactical vest with integrated hydration system
detachable neck pouch with loop
fasteners for patches
and patch pocket with flap and velcro
two double ammo pouches for M4 (for four M4 or
two G36/AUG magazines) on the hip
one ammo pouch M4 on the hip (front)
(for two M4 or one G36/AUG magazine)
one double ammo pouch MP
(for two MP7/MP5 magazines)
detachable hydration system
height adjustable with velcro on the shoulder
additional clip closure on the shoulder
space for protectors front and back
modular loop system all over the vest
all pouches detachable (MOLLE system)
lacing for size adjustment
velcro and clip closure
3 inner net pockets

100% polyester

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